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What in the World is PentahoWorld?

Andrew_Pentaho_Thumbnail1Visualizing data helps people make decisions. Two years ago, Paytronix discovered Pentaho – the world’s leader in providing environments for end users to discover data insights in a self-service software set. A multi-tenant solution, Pentaho is employed within the Paytronix software to help users visualize and analyze loyalty and gift card data. Users can log in to the merchant interface and use many dashboards and analyzers that are offered under our core product. In addition, our Data Insights team produces further dashboards and analyzers for clients to take a deeper dive into specific loyalty program questions such as movement between guest segments, fraud, and more.

Over the years, Pentaho has developed an appreciation for Paytronix’s innovative application of its product and asked us to share our experiences with its clients and prospects at its first-annual User Conference, PentahoWorld.


[Webinar] New Accounting Rules for Gift Card Growth Channels

If you think you know how to uniformly account for discounted gift card sales or the costs associated with all of your sales channels, think again.

According to new rules from US GAAP and IFRS, the nature of the discount is changing – some of your expenses could be considered a reduction in revenue. Further, the question of when to take the expense and who funds it (your corporate office? Franchisees?) are of central importance.


How to Get the Most out of Your Birthday Offer

In earlier days, chains saw birthday rewards as a nice way to say “thank you” to Birthday Cakemembers for simply joining a loyalty program. Often times, the reward was used to motivate guests to register their card. Merchants would only issue the birthday reward after guests provided certain demographic information, which typically included birth date and email address.

Birthday rewards have since evolved.  Today, savvy restaurant marketers leverage the offer to modify guest behavior. They optimize their budgets by matching birthday offers to the value of each guest and by compelling desired actions.


Thorntons Refreshing Rewards

Thorntons Refreshing Rewards12x3-DECAL-PERKS-THOR-11720

Congratulations to Thorntons on its new loyalty program. We checked in with Jeff Keune, Thorntons’ CMO to hear how the program is impacting its 178 location convenience and fuel retail business.

PX. What were Thorntons’ objectives in introducing its Refreshing Rewards loyalty program?

Jeff Keune. Thorntons Refreshing Rewards was introduced in March 2014 with the goals of quickly engaging with our customers, increasing both visits and the number of transactions per visit, and increasing gross profits.  We also wanted stronger insights into our customers’ buying habits, the ability to move them in and out with a bigger basket ring per customer.