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What in the World is PentahoWorld?

Andrew_Pentaho_Thumbnail1Visualizing data helps people make decisions. Two years ago, Paytronix discovered Pentaho – the world’s leader in providing environments for end users to discover data insights in a self-service software set. A multi-tenant solution, Pentaho is employed within the Paytronix software to help users visualize and analyze loyalty and gift card data. Users can log in to the merchant interface and use many dashboards and analyzers that are offered under our core product. In addition, our Data Insights team produces further dashboards and analyzers for clients to take a deeper dive into specific loyalty program questions such as movement between guest segments, fraud, and more.

Over the years, Pentaho has developed an appreciation for Paytronix’s innovative application of its product and asked us to share our experiences with its clients and prospects at its first-annual User Conference, PentahoWorld.


Geofencing vs. iBeacon – What’s the best option for restaurants?

The most important job of the restaurant marketer is to drive traffic to their locations – that means changing guest behavior while they’re on-the-go, in the midst of choosing a restaurant. That’s why geofencing makes so much sense for restaurants.Geofencing

Retailers with many departments within a single location, on the other hand, benefit from iBeacon, since their job is to add to the consumer’s shopping cart while in the store. Retail giant Macy’s, for example, piloted iBeacon technology to offer special department-based rewards.

At some point in the future, savvy restaurant marketers will want to add to guest orders by sending in-store contextual messages, but the technology is not quite there yet. […]

Using 2D Barcodes for Mobile Payment in Restaurants

So you’ve decided to make mobile payment a possibility in your restaurant: excellent decision, given the way the mobile landscape is playing out. Although there are multiple ways to make mobile payment happen, 2D barcodes are the go-to for most restaurant chains.

Even when you’ve decided on using 2D barcodes, though, you still have some questions to ask yourself. Chief among them: who’s going to be the person actually scanning the barcode?


The Latest Upgrades to Messaging (for the Non-Technical)

The last upgrades in our 1H2014 release pertain to our messaging product. As a marketer myself, I especially love the utility and flexibility these featureConnectivitys provide to a restaurant brand’s marketing team, or whoever else is tasked with sending out guest communications.

In today’s digital age, message relevance is key. Guests need to receive the right message in the right place and at the right time in order act on them.

Our latest messaging features give brands the ability to send messages that are as relevant as possible to the right audiences. Check them out below!