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The Webinar Warrior Showdown Starts Tuesday, July 12

Paytronix Webinar ShowdownThe Webinar Warrior Showdown is your chance to win a one-of-the-kind grand prize that will change your business forever. All you have to do is join us for as many live, thought-provoking webinars as you and your team can in the months of July and August. The organization with the most webinar attendees will win a free, one-day loyalty workshop with the Paytronix Data Insights team sometime this fall.

Data Insights manager Lee Barnes will lead the workshop for the winning group. Lee has helped dozens of brands launch and manage their rewards programs. His undergraduate degree in Mathematics and MBA from Harvard Business School gives him the unusual ability to execute complex analyses and translate the results into ideas that business leaders can use. The lucky organization that wins the Webinar Warrior Showdown will receive free access to his impressive wealth of knowledge – a value of over $10,000.

The best part about the Webinar Warrior Showdown is that winning is easy! The competition kicks off on Tuesday, July 12 and Wednesday, July 13 at 1:00 EDT with the webinar “Are You Sending Too Many Emails?” and ends with the last webinar of August on Tuesday, August 30. The organization with the most valid attendances will be selected as the winner. It’s just that simple: Attend. Learn. Win! Make sure you encourage your coworkers to attend the live webinars as well so you rack up as many points as possible. You can check out our constantly updating webinar schedule here. […]

Geofencing Explained

Every marketer has the goal of compelling their customers to live up to their potential. Whether that is through peer measurement tactics like running a tiered loyalty program, or individual competition tactics like a visit challenge, there are many ways to drive more visits and spend. One element that many marketers fail to consider, however, is geographic potential. What exactly does that mean? Let’s dive in.geofencing w caption_edited-1

Geographic Potential

Geographic potential is the highest frequency with which a customer can visit your restaurant or retail locations based on their proximity to them. Marketers might think they have the geographic information they need about their customers because they ask for an address when a customer registers for their loyalty program. While most customers will probably provide their home address, does that really paint the full picture of their geographic whereabouts? Of course not! If you want to capitalize on the geographic potential of your audience, you need to paint the full picture of where they are spending their time. Say a member of your loyalty program – let’s call him Joe – provides his home address when he signs up for your program. You have a location one mile away from Joe’s address, and you send him lunch offers on a regular basis, but he never redeems them. What gives? It turns out that Joe works 20 miles away from where he lives, so he is never in the area around lunch time. A better use of marketing resources would be to send him dinner offers. […]

Help! Why Doesn’t My Email Look Right?

Once in a while, our customer service team will receive a frantic email from a marketing department exclaiming “a customer got our email but it doesn’t look right!”. When our customer service team follows up, they will learn that the email looks fantastic on the backend, but some guests are reporting that the email isn’t rendering properly in their inbox. In this blog post we will examine why an email may look good to you, but not your recipients; and what you can do to prevent that. […]