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Geofencing Explained

Every marketer has the goal of compelling their customers to live up to their potential. Whether that is through peer measurement tactics like running a tiered loyalty program, or individual competition tactics like a visit challenge, there are many ways to drive more visits and spend. One element that many marketers fail to consider, however, is geographic potential. What exactly does that mean? Let’s dive in.geofencing w caption_edited-1

Geographic Potential

Geographic potential is the highest frequency with which a customer can visit your restaurant or retail locations based on their proximity to them. Marketers might think they have the geographic information they need about their customers because they ask for an address when a customer registers for their loyalty program. While most customers will probably provide their home address, does that really paint the full picture of their geographic whereabouts? Of course not! If you want to capitalize on the geographic potential of your audience, you need to paint the full picture of where they are spending their time. Say a member of your loyalty program – let’s call him Joe – provides his home address when he signs up for your program. You have a location one mile away from Joe’s address, and you send him lunch offers on a regular basis, but he never redeems them. What gives? It turns out that Joe works 20 miles away from where he lives, so he is never in the area around lunch time. A better use of marketing resources would be to send him dinner offers. […]

Help! Why Doesn’t My Email Look Right?

Once in a while, our customer service team will receive a frantic email from a marketing department exclaiming “a customer got our email but it doesn’t look right!”. When our customer service team follows up, they will learn that the email looks fantastic on the backend, but some guests are reporting that the email isn’t rendering properly in their inbox. In this blog post we will examine why an email may look good to you, but not your recipients; and what you can do to prevent that. […]

The first rule of website design? Always be responsive

April 12, 2015

Picture this: You’re searching for a great date-night restaurant and a friend recommends a trendy, new Italian gastropub – jackpot! You venture to their website, but, the text on the page is more suitable for a micro-shrimp. A great deal of pinching, swiping and adjusting ensues as you attempt to make the menu legible. If you’re like me, you’ll close right out of the offending page and look for a restaurant that is part of the 21st century. […]

Three ways to keep your app on your guests’ phones

February 23, 2015

A mobile app is an effective tool for engaging guests, particularly in today’s increasingly millennial-based economic landscape. According to Nielsen, two thirds of your overall guests likely own a smartphone and 83 percent of your millennial guests own one. That means, the vast majority of your guests have the means to use your app. But are they?

Unfortunately, the old adage that nothing lasts forever applies directly to the mobile app industry. Nielsen found that 80-90 percent of apps are ultimately deleted. Most are done so rather quickly, as 79 percent of apps never get a third chance to impress users and are deleted after a second try. So the question is, how do you prolong your app’s lifespan on your guests’ devices and ensure your app makes the cut? Below are five suggestions that can help. […]