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Using Instagram as a Restaurant Marketing Tool: Running Contests

Dennys InstaOne of the simplest, cheapest ways to increase guest engagement and foster meaningful relationships in today’s world is to run promotions and contests on social media platforms. Promotions and contests excite fans about what your brand can offer them, and using Instagram makes it so easy for fans to participate. Creating the content for these campaigns doesn’t have to be complicated – according to Senior Director of Brand Engagement Erik Jensen, Denny’s (already well-versed in using mobile marketing) aims to authenticate their Instagram content by “taking conversations that happen in a diner booth and bringing it online.” Here’s how to optimize engagement and foster real customer relationships with Instagram promotions and contests:


Using Instagram as a Restaurant Marketing Tool: The Basics

California Pizza Kitchen's Instagram profile.

Your most loyal guests are likely your biggest brand advocates. They are the loyalty program members who recommend your brand without being asked, who enthusiastically share their experiences with your restaurants because they want others to know about you. Do you know where to find these precious customers? With the rise of social media, restaurants can finally identify and engage with these brand advocates online. In the social space, Twitter and Facebook are two of the powerhouses, but now another channel has proven its business value.

Today, 86% of top brands have Instagram accounts. Does this include you? It should. With over 200 million monthly users, 60 million photos shared each day, and 1.6 billion likes per day, Instagram is considered one of the fastest growing social networks. If these numbers aren’t enough proof, here’s why your restaurant should be on Instagram: […]

Using Yelp as a Restaurant Marketing Tool

Yelp is a social networking platform that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses. It’s popular, it’s convenient, and it’s creating a real impact, especially on company reputation. Company reputation, in turn, plays a large role in determining guest traffic as well as revenue.

In today’s digital era, a company’s reputation rests heavily on its online reputation, and Yelp can play a bigger part in that than one might expect. Sandy Nelson, Director of Marketing at Duffy’s Sports Grill, says their Yelp pages are usually the most common sources of their website traffic. This is likely to happen when Yelp pages beat your own website in online searches. Nelson says that “…with regard to SEO, Yelp pages are some of the highest ranking, so we spend considerable time optimizing our presence.” If Yelp pages are where people are seeing you first, there’s no doubt that they deserve special attention from restaurant marketers.  […]