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Before Launching Mobile Payment, Consider This…

I don’t have to rely on statistics alone to understand why consumers love mobile payment – it’s a staple of my everyday life that I know and love!mobilepaymentgraphic

Springtime has finally hit the Boston area, and frequent trips with my family and friends to Pinkberry are becoming commonplace. Luckily, I’ve got my Pinkberry app, which functions as a personal-use card that I can scan directly at the POS. It took me under two minutes to order a peanut butter yogurt with dark chocolate toppings, pay, and earn a point toward my next reward.

Pinkberry’s mobile payment convenience is addictive. But applying the same payment scenario to Friday date night is considerably tougher to picture. I don’t want to load $60 of stored value onto a loyalty card to cover one dinner. And how would I navigate tipping?


Using 2D Barcodes for Mobile Payment in Restaurants

So you’ve decided to make mobile payment a possibility in your restaurant: excellent decision, given the way the mobile landscape is playing out. Although there are multiple ways to make mobile payment happen, 2D barcodes are the go-to for most restaurant chains.

Even when you’ve decided on using 2D barcodes, though, you still have some questions to ask yourself. Chief among them: who’s going to be the person actually scanning the barcode?


Are Your Guests Ready to Ditch The Plastic Member Card?

Innovations such as mobile apps, Google Wallet, and Apple Passbook, have opened exciting new ways for guests to join and interact with loyalty programs without the use of a plastic membership card. With each new program we launch or upgrade, our clients ask whether their program should have plastic cards, or be entirely digital. Here’s my take on it.

The fact is, there is a large portion of the general public that is not yet ready for a completely digital program. If your goal is to reach the maximum number of guests possible with your program, an all digital program may not be the best fit.  Before you recommend a cardless program to your executive team, consider this:


Mobile: The One Thing You NEED To Take Away from NRA 2014

There’s one thing you need to take away from this year’s NRA show (promotional goods don’t count): the future of guest engagement and restaurant marketing is mobile. Specifically, mobile applications.

In 2013, smartphone and table unit sales reached 1.25 billion, up from 300 million in 2011. In other words, mobile sales quadrupled in only 2 years! A key factor in all of those sales is the population’s love of mobile apps. In fact, nearly 89% of a consumer’s mobile media time is spent on apps.

About a decade ago, a business was tough to find if it didn’t have a website. Within the next few years, businesses that do not have mobile applications are going to become just as inconvenient to locate. Every day, the market is being trained by major retailers to use mobile apps for day-to-day activities.