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Lee Barnes, Welcome to Paytronix!

Today we officially announced the appointment of Lee Barnes to lead our Data Insights team, Lee Barnesas you can read in the company press release here.

Data Insights
is our premium offering that provides restaurants and retailers with the Big Data tools and services to synthesize data from sources such as loyalty programs, email clubs, guest surveys, social networks, and online ordering.

Lee is already engaged with several of our customers helping them to harness the data already being generated by their loyalty programs and POS transactions. He is focused on using advanced analytical tools to bring together multiple large data sets, finding and measuring value in that data, and installing a “test and learn” philosophy. Lee shared his take on how restaurants can benefit from Big Data in a recent interview with Restaurant Unstoppable.

Listen to the full interview here

“As an analytics specialist, I’m excited to work for Paytronix. The company really pioneered the application of deep data analysis for better understanding and engagement of guests,” Barnes said in today’s press release, continuing on to note that the fast evolution of mobile and loyalty technology is providing new revenue opportunities for restaurants who step back to analyze what can be learned from their data. Better understanding leads to more targeted and applicable marketing to guests — resulting in more loyalty, frequency and revenue.

Welcome to the Paytronix team Lee!

The Latest Mobile and Social Upgrades to Paytronix (for the non-technical!)

I joined Paytronix about 4 months ago. And as the new guy in the office, I’ve been spending a lot of time learning about our product, our business, and theimage2 restaurant industry.

When we enhance our product with cool new features, I make sure to study them vigorously so I can climb up the learning curve faster. I’m not an engineer, so I always do my best to break things down into non-technical language.

Below, check out my notes on the newest mobile and social features. […]