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Key Takeaways from Loyalty Experts Session at NRA 2016

Slack for iOS Upload (3)The Paytronix team was on site in Chicago earlier this week at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show. Similar to last year’s event, the show was chock-full of restaurant brands, vendors, and of course: food.  The bustling energy on the floor inspired us during the four-day event as we shared our customer engagement expertise and swapped stories with other attendees. We were especially grateful to have the opportunity to lead a speaking session with one of our clients, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises (LEYE).

Lee Barnes, Head of Data Insights at Paytronix, led the session ‘Lessons from Loyalty Program Experts’ alongside Michael Lynch, Director of Loyalty Marketing at LEYE. Barnes is a self-professed data geek who can optimize any loyalty program. Lynch has over 20 years of experience building and managing loyalty programs. With their combined experience, expertise, and wit, this dynamic duo made quite an impression on the 200+ session attendees. In case you missed out, here are the top 5 takeaways from their presentation: […]

The Newest Customer Feedback Tool

Picture this: Immediately after a customer buys a sandwich at one of your locations, her smartphone buzzes with an email inviting her to take a survey about her purchase experience. As soon as she submits her responses, your marketing team knows how she felt about the food and service quality, how likely she might be to purchase that same sandwich again, and more!Survey

Surveys can be used to gather data and build rich customer profiles. Customer responses enhance the marketer’s view of their customers, which in turn allows for smarter marketing. Segmentation suddenly becomes a clear, more data-driven process, which in turn helps your team deploy more relevant offers and promotions. And of course, more relevance means better customer relationships and more revenue!

While there are many survey providers out there, the new Paytronix Survey Center is the best option for current users of the Paytronix Messaging solution. There are many benefits to taking advantage of this new tool: […]

7 Reasons to Attend the Paytronix User Experience That Your Boss Can’t Ignore

If you use the Paytronix platform, are looking to re-invigorate your marketing strategy, or are looking for help to make sense of your customer data, put the 2016 Paytronix User Experience (PXUX) on your calendar. From August 24th – 25th Paytronix’s home city of Boston will be the epicenter of insight, discussion, and networking about loyalty programs, mobile marketing, messaging, and more!PXUX.CG

Not sure if PXUX is right for you? Check out and share our top seven reasons to attend PXUX:

1) Tailor your experience with relevant breakout sessions

We’ll have subject-matter experts on hand from our customer service, product, and engineering team to host deep-dive conversations on a number of topics. Think of this as “everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.” This is your chance to […]

Paytronix attends the 2015 NRA show

NRAShow2015Logo_1The Paytronix team is on site in Chicago this week, where the 2015 NRA Show kicked off Saturday. It’s great to see the industry come together, and there’s certainly no shortage of great food at NRA. The speaking lineup is just as impressive – we’re excited to see so many of our customers on the stage this week, like Lettuce Entertain You and Cosi.  Stop in to hear them present if you’re here at the show, and don’t forget to stop in and say hello at Paytronix Booth 6170.

Marketing and technology innovations are hot topics this year, with the industry as a whole embracing mobile and engaging their customers in ways that were never possible before. At the Paytronix booth we’re sharing first-hand insights from the front lines with customers – successful campaigns, new gamification initiatives, best practices for geofencing. (Those who can’t attend—check out the award-winning use cases from our recent Paytronix Loyaltee Awards).

One of the biggest topics buzzing as we talk with restaurant marketers this year is Mobile CRM. Restaurants are eager to leverage the tremendous amounts of customer data they’re now collecting from online ordering and other customer touch points.  And considering that online ordering has grown to make up as much as 20 to 30 percent of restaurants’ business, this can be a significant share of the customer base.  But how do you take the data from these individual silos and leverage it to create offers and motivators that lead to increased visits and higher checks?

Paytronix is helping restaurants to set up a Mobile CRM Platform that connects to their online ordering systems as well as any additional data stores, such as POS data or telephone-orders. Once the customer data is consolidated on the Paytronix platform, restaurants can easily profile and segment their customers and deploy Paytronix Messaging to send special offers via text or email to these customers. As a result, restaurants are able to drive non-standard behavior that will increase customer spend and/or visit frequency.

Whether pushing the limits with gamification and beacons, or starting out on your path to a loyalty program by harnessing data for Mobile CRM, there are  plenty of ways to drive 1 to 1 engagement with customers in today’s restaurant marketplace. Follow @Paytronix and @NRAShow to keep your finger on the pulse of the show along with us.