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Help! Why Doesn’t My Email Look Right?

Once in a while, our customer service team will receive a frantic email from a marketing department exclaiming “a customer got our email but it doesn’t look right!”. When our customer service team follows up, they will learn that the email looks fantastic on the backend, but some guests are reporting that the email isn’t rendering properly in their inbox. In this blog post we will examine why an email may look good to you, but not your recipients; and what you can do to prevent that. […]

7 Ways to Boost Your Email Open Rate

We’ve all been there.iStock_000058911392_XXXLarge

After spending days agonizing over the message, design, and call to action, you finally feel ready to press the send button. Now you’ll wait two days constantly refreshing your browser watching as the stats roll in and your open rate slowly climbs. Whether you hit 10, 20, or even 50%, there is always the opportunity to get more eyeballs on your message.

Consider the 7 tips below to boost your open rate:


1. Retargeting

Did you have an important message that didn’t get as many opens as you wanted? Try sending the email again only to customers that did not open your email originally. You can even change the subject line to keep it fresh. One of Paytronix’s major email clients regularly practices “retargeting” which can bump up open rates an additional 10%.


Industry experts share their best email marketing tips and tricks

November 3, 2015

Last month, I attended the Fast Casual Executive Summit – a three-day conference in Miami that attracted a variety of restaurant leaders and innovators and provided a forum to exchange ideas with peers and share thoughts on industry trends and changes. Highlights included a session about consumer behavior tendencies, an overview of the fast casual space and its rapid growth, examples of how mobile is impacting restaurants, and a discussion on how to plan for profitable growth. Entrepreneur and author Jeremy Gutsche kicked things off with a riveting talk on the ability to adapt to rapid change—a fitting topic for the restaurant space—and how we can all get better and faster at recognizing opportunities right in from of us.

One rich opportunity sitting right in front of restaurant marketers is the ability to communicate with guests to increase sales. Because competition increases every day, a strong communication strategy is critical to a restaurant’s success and often helps gauge the overall health of a guest engagement program. Take email for example: A majority of restaurant groups run some form of an email club, but few have calculated how much an email subscriber is actually worth. At Paytronix we have developed a method for calculating that subscriber value, grounding this debate in real-world data. Your members – whether they’re in your e-club, loyalty, CRM, online ordering, etc.—are valuable and sitting right at your fingertips. […]

How to Get the Most out of Your Birthday Offer

In earlier days, chains saw birthday rewards as a nice way to say “thank you” to Birthday Cakemembers for simply joining a loyalty program. Often times, the reward was used to motivate guests to register their card. Merchants would only issue the birthday reward after guests provided certain demographic information, which typically included birth date and email address.

Birthday rewards have since evolved.  Today, savvy restaurant marketers leverage the offer to modify guest behavior. They optimize their budgets by matching birthday offers to the value of each guest and by compelling desired actions.