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How to Handle Colleagues Who Are Trying to Kill Your Brand’s Reward Program

Reward programs are effective marketing initiatives that deliver results — from making a positive financial impact to building continuous and lasting guest loyalty for the brand. Program managers leverage program data to maximize visits and spend, predict future guest behavior, and create a unique competitive advantage that brings value to the chain. Like many major initiatives in an organization, I am sure the loyalty program is getting a lot of attention not only from your guests but from the executive, operations, finance, and even IT teams. The teams should be excited about the company’s investment AND most of them are behind the project. But, I think we all know that there are likely some people who are looking for every opportunity to kill the project. Even the “multi-billion dollar Marriott Rewards program” had people trying to kill the brand’s reward program before it got off the ground. Roger Dow, the creator of the Marriott Rewards program had peers trying to kill the idea a hundred times over during the first two years of the program. They called it a “high-cost, ineffective program.” […]

What in the World is PentahoWorld?

Andrew_Pentaho_Thumbnail1Visualizing data helps people make decisions. Two years ago, Paytronix discovered Pentaho – the world’s leader in providing environments for end users to discover data insights in a self-service software set. A multi-tenant solution, Pentaho is employed within the Paytronix software to help users visualize and analyze loyalty and gift card data. Users can log in to the merchant interface and use many dashboards and analyzers that are offered under our core product. In addition, our Data Insights team produces further dashboards and analyzers for clients to take a deeper dive into specific loyalty program questions such as movement between guest segments, fraud, and more.

Over the years, Pentaho has developed an appreciation for Paytronix’s innovative application of its product and asked us to share our experiences with its clients and prospects at its first-annual User Conference, PentahoWorld.


Lee Barnes, Welcome to Paytronix!

Today we officially announced the appointment of Lee Barnes to lead our Data Insights team, Lee Barnesas you can read in the company press release here.

Data Insights
is our premium offering that provides restaurants and retailers with the Big Data tools and services to synthesize data from sources such as loyalty programs, email clubs, guest surveys, social networks, and online ordering.

Lee is already engaged with several of our customers helping them to harness the data already being generated by their loyalty programs and POS transactions. He is focused on using advanced analytical tools to bring together multiple large data sets, finding and measuring value in that data, and installing a “test and learn” philosophy. Lee shared his take on how restaurants can benefit from Big Data in a recent interview with Restaurant Unstoppable.

Listen to the full interview here

“As an analytics specialist, I’m excited to work for Paytronix. The company really pioneered the application of deep data analysis for better understanding and engagement of guests,” Barnes said in today’s press release, continuing on to note that the fast evolution of mobile and loyalty technology is providing new revenue opportunities for restaurants who step back to analyze what can be learned from their data. Better understanding leads to more targeted and applicable marketing to guests — resulting in more loyalty, frequency and revenue.

Welcome to the Paytronix team Lee!

The Journey to 1 to 1 Marketing…

June 19, 2014

…Begins with gathering more data about your customers than ever beforbuilding_bridge_to_customer_istock5355437e. We estimate that the average marketer will need about 100X the data they collect today to achieve the relevance their customers expect when interacting with brands through direct message channels.
Information Week’s Executive Editor Doug Henschen has recognized the ingenuity, agility, and thoughtful manner in which Paytronix has built a system and team to handle Big Data while delivering value to you, our clients.