Michelle Tempesta
Michelle Tempesta

Listening to the market, making recommendations for scalable product requirements, and developing useful content are the services that Michelle’s group brings to Paytronix users. Her constant thirst for marketing results is underpinned by a BS in marketing from Plymouth State University and an MBA from UIC.

Paytronix attends the 2015 NRA show

NRAShow2015Logo_1The Paytronix team is on site in Chicago this week, where the 2015 NRA Show kicked off Saturday. It’s great to see the industry come together, and there’s certainly no shortage of great food at NRA. The speaking lineup is just as impressive – we’re excited to see so many of our customers on the stage this week, like Lettuce Entertain You and Cosi.  Stop in to hear them present if you’re here at the show, and don’t forget to stop in and say hello at Paytronix Booth 6170.

Marketing and technology innovations are hot topics this year, with the industry as a whole embracing mobile and engaging their customers in ways that were never possible before. At the Paytronix booth we’re sharing first-hand insights from the front lines with customers – successful campaigns, new gamification initiatives, best practices for geofencing. (Those who can’t attend—check out the award-winning use cases from our recent Paytronix Loyaltee Awards).

One of the biggest topics buzzing as we talk with restaurant marketers this year is Mobile CRM. Restaurants are eager to leverage the tremendous amounts of customer data they’re now collecting from online ordering and other customer touch points.  And considering that online ordering has grown to make up as much as 20 to 30 percent of restaurants’ business, this can be a significant share of the customer base.  But how do you take the data from these individual silos and leverage it to create offers and motivators that lead to increased visits and higher checks?

Paytronix is helping restaurants to set up a Mobile CRM Platform that connects to their online ordering systems as well as any additional data stores, such as POS data or telephone-orders. Once the customer data is consolidated on the Paytronix platform, restaurants can easily profile and segment their customers and deploy Paytronix Messaging to send special offers via text or email to these customers. As a result, restaurants are able to drive non-standard behavior that will increase customer spend and/or visit frequency.

Whether pushing the limits with gamification and beacons, or starting out on your path to a loyalty program by harnessing data for Mobile CRM, there are  plenty of ways to drive 1 to 1 engagement with customers in today’s restaurant marketplace. Follow @Paytronix and @NRAShow to keep your finger on the pulse of the show along with us.


We will miss you, Paul Emmett 1952 – 2015

Last week the restaurant industry lost a true restaurant visionary: Paul Emmett, CEO of Duffy’s Sports Grill.

Paul was beloved by many for his formidable spirit and business acumen. My colleagues and I knew him as a charismatic pioneer of restaurant loyalty. About four years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Paul. The experience was eye-opening for me, as a newcomer to the restaurant industry. He answered each of my questions with poise, honesty, and pure genius. I remember wishing that I could bottle up his passion and wisdom.

During the interview, he made a few points about loyalty that have stayed with me ever since. I always try to share these kernels of Emmett-wisdom with each restaurateur I meet:

  1. When I asked him why they developed a loyalty program for Duffy’s he said, “The loyalty program gives us a competitive advantage. It also enables us to create guest segments based on behavior so that we can communicate relevant messages to them with offers that make sense to our cost structure. We know which guests spend a lot and which ones spend a little. Our time and effort spent on each tier are relative to the guests’ spending level. With the competitive advantage comes price flexibility. The loyalty program adds value to our guest experience that gives us the ability to set our prices a bit higher than the competition.”
  2. When I asked him how they measure the program’s success, he said, “We don’t. Loyalty is an integral part of our culture. We don’t look at it every year to determine if it’s a good investment. We know it is.”

Thank you Paul for leaving such an inspiring legacy. As your family wrote, you are a true “Maverick” of the industry. You will be deeply missed in the years to come. May you rest in peace.

To read more about Paul Emmett, click here.


Should I Run a Points or Product Program?

Executives who are considering loyalty programs often ask us, “Should I run a points or product program?”

This is an important question and will undoubtedly shape the success of your program. However, there’s a better place to start the loyalty conversation: with a thorough discussion of this equation:


The number of people enrolled in your program, the number of active people in your program, the change in spend your program compels, and the cost of the rewards are the key drivers for producing a positive ROI with your loyalty strategy.

To learn more about how each of these drivers impact the program you choose, join me for a 30-minute webinar replay (LINK TO WEBINAR). During the session, I’ll take you on an exploration through core programs, layered programs, and loyalty promotions. You’ll gain an understanding of what’s important to your chain.

As for the answer to that age-old points or product conundrum—consider this simple question: When you think about your specific brand, is there a single product that comes to mind?


What in the World is PentahoWorld?

Andrew_Pentaho_Thumbnail1Visualizing data helps people make decisions. Two years ago, Paytronix discovered Pentaho – the world’s leader in providing environments for end users to discover data insights in a self-service software set. A multi-tenant solution, Pentaho is employed within the Paytronix software to help users visualize and analyze loyalty and gift card data. Users can log in to the merchant interface and use many dashboards and analyzers that are offered under our core product. In addition, our Data Insights team produces further dashboards and analyzers for clients to take a deeper dive into specific loyalty program questions such as movement between guest segments, fraud, and more.

Over the years, Pentaho has developed an appreciation for Paytronix’s innovative application of its product and asked us to share our experiences with its clients and prospects at its first-annual User Conference, PentahoWorld.